Monday, February 23, 2009

Hmm, Now Jay Thomas thinks I'm 2 Kinds of Nuts - Plain and Eco-flavored!

I'd love to know if any of Jay's listeners would shave their heads for a trip to New Zealand. If you're a listener reading this, please comment: Would you shave your head for a round trip flight to New Zealand? Remember, the tattoo lasted about 2 1/2 weeks and was not permanent.

Although Jay pointed out the amount of carbon it takes to get to New Zealand, I think we learn about ourselves and each other through travel. We can combat global warming by changing our lifestyles and flying economy class when we travel (not that I'm totally adverse to first class - but first class has fewer seats and premium service making it have a larger carbon footprint than coach). Plus, on Air New Zealand, even in coach, you are treated like a human being. I found this true on both its domestic and international flights. Now we just need all the American carriers to treat us as well on domestic flights as they do on international flights.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Read the NY Times article - Laughs at my expense

My trip to Tonga and New Zealand were well worth a head shaving. Will blog shortly about my trip. In the meantime, check out Andrew's article about the 30 wacky Angelenos that shed some hair for Air New Zealand:

For any billboards reading this, if you haven't finalized your ticket yet, consider making a stop over in Tonga, it's a wonderful country with friendly people and fabulous scuba diving in Vava'u. If you go to Tonga between July and November, you may have an opportunity to swim with whales (one of two countries in the world where you can do this). Just as dolphins are protected in New Zealand during a dolphin watch, the safety and health of the whales get first consideration and only five people and one guide can swim with the whales at a time. Check out Allan Bowe's website for more info.:

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


My reward for shaving my head is at hand!

Hurray AIR NEW ZEALAND ( Thanks for this opportunity -- hope my hair made someone a good toupee! It's looking like I'll get a side benefit from the head shaving as my hair seems to be growing in thicker (though I may have to resort to some peroxide to be as blonde as I once was). Still no gray - but haven't bungy jumped twice yet!!

First the good folks at ANZ take me to Tonga for 4 1/2 days and then on to New Zealand (exploring Northland/Bay of Islands (8 days on North Island) then Queenstown (5 days on South Island).

An attorney in our office queried today: "Do you have to take your trip before too much hair grows back?" I replied: "I could have waited and gone in New Zealand's winter (USA's summer) but then my short hair could make it a bit chillier)."

For all of you planning a trip to New Zealand - you should consider stopping over in Tonga - the Friendly Islands (according to Captain Cook -- everyone is certainly friendly by e-mail!).

Upon landing in Tongapatu, hopefully I'll hear: "Malo e lelei" (Welcome to Tonga!)

Malia Mailingi of Gateway to Paradise and the Tonga Tourism Bureau and their website all helped me plan my trip. See: and were very helpful in planning my trip.


DAY 1: Tour of Eastern side of the island ie Captain Cook landing, Paepae ‘o Tele’a Terraced Tombs, Ha’amonga Trilithon, Anahulu Cave; Light lunch at Oholei Beach and transfer to Fua’amotu Domestic airport, fly Chatham Airlines ( to Vava'u (chain of islands - known for swimming with the whales June to Nov.)

Night Dive with Dive Vava'u (
Stay one night at Vava'u Harborview Resort (See Trip Advisor's review page:


Diving with Beluga Divers

Visit/snorkel and dine at Mounu Island and interview Allan Bowe who launched the swimming with the whales activity in Tonga.

Stay at Mounu Resort (which uses solar power):


Visit the local market which will be a hub of activity since all business close on Sunday for the Sabbath so everyone can attend church

Kayak with Friendly Island Kayak Co. (

Fly to Nuku’alofa. Visit the Blow Holes, Flying Foxes and Vakaloa Beach

Sleep at Liku’alofa Resort (


Attend church on Tongatapu (See Tonga Holiday's site page about the importance of family and religion in Tonga:

Laze around at Pangaimotu Island Resort ( )

Sleep at Fafa Island Resort (

DAY 5 - Head to Auckland for more adventure in New Zealand ( and

IF YOU DECIDE TO HEAD TO TONGA, I'd recommend contacting Malia at Gateway to Paradise for assistance. She can work with a variety of budgets.

I think I previously blogged about my Northland and Queenstown Itineraries. If I didn't will add a post later.

Ciao for now!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Air New Zealand in the news - re: eco-friendliness

Check these LA Times Peter Pae articles out about eco-friendly airlines and details about what Air New Zealand is doing to try to be the most eco-friendly airline:,0,761065.story

Dallas Christmas Report - Aunt Terry the Human Chia Pet

All the kids, along with my brother and sister-in-law now find me the most pettable relative. And I must thank Air New Zealand ( )for my new Chia pet status.

As for the color of my hair, it appears to match my eyebrows - kind of a dirty, dirty ash blonde. If I could prevent my thoughts from straying to naughty innuendo (i.e., hopelessly dirty mind) I might be able to regain my originally blonde roots. Hopefully the sun in Tonga and New Zealand will help me reclaim my blonde image.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Kylie (whom you will recall has alopecia and lost her hair at 15) reports:
Can't say I've had much to any growth -- however, I did invest in a new wig, which is a good change. I'm still me, just a longer blonder version. I actually took the cash so no trip to new zealand for me

Since Kylie won't be traveling to New Zealand, I will try to pick up a cute Kiwi to import to LA for her.


Hi, Billboards and others headed down to the Land of Kiwis. Here's info about Kate Thornburg's upcoming journey as well as her hair growth update:

"I've got about an inch of hair so far, very boring brownish- didn't know what the real color would be!

I'm going to NZ Feb 19th-Mar 15 and have decided to fly directly to Christchurch, get on the Stray Bus hop-on, hop-off backpacking around the south island ( )and then back up to Auckland, taking in the Tongariro Crossing on the way up. Cheers to Terry for the tip on the AirNZ website as I got a one-way flight for US$37! I'm doing a 3d stopover in Rarotonga, Cook Islands on the way back and (I think) staying at Aremango Guesthouse or Vara's. If anyone else is going to be there while I am let me know and maybe we can hang out!
Link for Tongariro Crossing info:

Air New Zealand's NZ site: